Friday, July 03, 2009

I've realized that i think of weird things at weird times of the day..
Don't believe me? take these on for instance..

Couple of nights back I was lying in bed at 3am in the morning trying
to sleep, and it crossed my mind that in Mas lows Hierarchy of
needs, my brother ken need only be on the bottom level. As quoted
by him, but rephrased by me in a manner less crude.

"All i need in life is sexual companionship and booze."

It's pretty apparent which parts i have adjusted for the sake of keeping
my blog smut free for you readers. :) So we can narrow ken's needs
in life to one, the need for inebriation and 2, the need for well you
get the picture.

Second strange thought at a strange place. Whilst taking a piss before
class today I wondered if every belief that i had about what love
should be was wrong and if maybe, just maybe everyone else had the
right idea. Of course this intriguing cerebral brainstorm in front of the
urinal lasted the whole of a minute and a half before i was done and
washed my hands before promptly heading to class.

Just the random thoughts that litter my day.. :)