Sunday, September 05, 2004


Erm.. okay.. gonna blog now..
So just Lemmie say..
this.. this is a weird post to start..
Don't Know the significance or meaning..
But will try to work it out along the way..

So the story begins with me at Orchard rd..
and i'm gettin my passport size photos at the
Kodak shop at far east.. Snap Snap Snap..
and its over..

So i'm waiting at the counter to check the photos
before they develop.. and they are sent to printing...
So i turn to walk around far east.. take 2 steps..
and look up.. and i just stop in my steps..
i coulden't help it.. there was this girl that walked past..

So yah.. this hasn't happened to me in a long time..
Which is the strange bit.. i think.. its just been so long..
since a girl caused me to mindblank..
She wasn't MODEL pretty.. Not scantly dressed or anything..
she had that short spunky hair.. Blue tube top and Jeans..
she reminded me of some one.. = X not saying who tho..

In fact.. i don't even remember how she looks like now..
the aim of this post is NOT to show off this cute girl..
don't get me wrong.. Its just.. Strange.. = )
It felt weird.. Guess all i can say is..
its been too long.. = ) Is there something i'm missing here..?
Maybe i'm just overthinking things.. haha..
Stupid post huh.. Off 2 try and skate..