Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grant that I may seek to console, rather than be consoled. To understand, rather than to be understood. And to love, rather than be loved. For it is in giving that we receive.

We all need a little reality check now and again. (:
Here i am, supposed to be studying but I got caught up,
as usual. I'm not a Godly man, but when a verse like this
comes along every so often, I can't help but stop and
admire the truth in the word. We are in an age trapped
looking inwards at ourselves. We want new things, want
to look good, grumble at our circumstances, don't treasure
what we have and drown ourselves in self pity.

I'm not being a self-righteous pompous ass on a pedestal.
All I am saying is, look at yourself. Aren't we spoiled? It
has come to a point where we can't look past ourselves to
others. I am sad, I want this, My life sucks. All the "I's"
and "My's". I always believe in the Confucian saying,

"One who cares less for himself, has more to care for others."

And rightfully so. We must surpass self because we have
a lot in life. Nice beds, meals, phones, money in the bank.
You will never know how to appreciate anything, until
you know what its like to have nothing. Some people will
never know what that is like.