Thursday, April 08, 2004

Learning to Fly..

Yay~! Omg i just booked out la..
Estatic barely encapsulates how i feel..
FREEDOM~! and listening to my fav songs...
not having to live with so many idiots of my bunk..
bobbing my head to the song... ah.. liberation...
for the first time in a week i'm not worried that
a sergent will call me or make me do push ups..
Like a freakin time clock waiting to go off..
mental peace..! Foo Fighters for ever~!

so here's the low down.. of all the companies..
i'm in jaguar.. which is FAMOUS( and i'm not kidding)
for its strict sergents and insane training...
not only that... i'm in platoon 3..
which HAPPENS to have the most fierce sergents of the 4 sections..
my god.. i did more push ups in a week
then i think i'd do in a freakin year...
i wake up at 5 freakin 30am.. sigh...
physically i can barely move my arms..
may have pulled a my muscles.. they are REALLY sore..
fucking 200+ push ups a dae..
instructors that scold the shit out of you..
but with our precision drill...
the other platoons need a freakin ladder
to be as high up as we are.. hahahax.. JAGUAR~!
Man tts Ns spirit for ya.. wad... we are a good company man...!

i miss so much..,
my freedom.. mental piece of mind...
my bed... waking up later.. my music.. oh god my music..
Hard fast heavy rock... its so good..
pusalting through my viens..
my friends... my loved ones..
u pple know who you are..
sam... tris.. zack.. my bro.. joe.. my family..

Going to drink a lil... loosen up.. Yes~!
still so psyched on being out...!
called sam and tris and ken 2 drink..
called sum frenx.. and stuff.. haha

But my love life is still troubling.. sigh...
confusing... wellx thats the way its supposed to
be right..? haha.. Anyway Right~! Beer~~~
i need beer... hahax.. i realli had a good time..
well now its 4.30.. gotta getsome shut eye...
nites pple..