Thursday, July 27, 2006


This Morning.. Trina came all the way down to my place..
with lunch and cookies.. snapple and soup.. !
There couldn't be a MORE outward expression of love..
I mean.. i think about it NOW.. @ 4 in the morning..
And it Still blows my mind..~ i mean Wow..!
She came ALL the way down here and she was happy to..!
I felt so touched.. moved.. i Am indeed blessed..

Don't get me wrong.. she's done this before..
and i trip down to her place too.. but..
Today felt special.. like It was all for me..
little ole me.. *Beams*

Here's to you.. today was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me..
i felt your effort and saw unconditional love..
i feel weird.. coming from the point of Me taking care of you..
but OUr brand new start.. feels.. so RIGHT..
you took care of me.. and it all makes sense..
like the pieces that were missing.. are now right in front of us..
Its so easy to say.. there'll never be anyone else for me..
cuz i really feel like i can love you a lifetime.. and more..

the world is your corn soup..
Or OUR cornsoup.. ! = )