Saturday, November 04, 2006

What the F***..

Morning everyone.. i finished work about half an hour ago..
and i'm fucking dead beat tired..
thats basically the meaning of the title..

Today was totally crazy.. but i'm home and about to hit the sack..
time to knock off..

have a good one pple.. lotsa love

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stare at the Sun..

Any of you guys heard of thrice..?
Well.. There are alot of bands out there i like but
Ifi had to pick one..
This has got the be MY favourate..
People have the notion that rock is all head banging and screaming..
But I suprises me how i draw strength from their lyrics..
My princess has been feeling lost..
and i wanna share with her what gives me strength..

This Song is called
"the Melting point of wax"
I've waited for this moment
All my life and more
And now I see so clearly
What I could not see before.
The time is now or never
This chance won't come again
Throw caution and myself into the wind.
There's no promise of safety with these secondhand wings
But I'm willing to find out what impossible means.
A leap of faith.
Parody of an angel
Miles above the sea
I hear the voice of reason
Screaming after me
"You've flown far too high boy now you're too close to the sun,
Soon your makeshift wings will come undone
"But how will I know limits from lies
if I never try?"
Be Strength my dear..
i'll shield you from bullets and rain..
Let the weight of the world crumble
before i do.. that harm shall come unto you..
let my love be strength..
In this pasage of a lifetime..