Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buried in the yard..

Placed it in a shoebox, covered the lid..
Memories and life lessons amongst the bits and pieces..

and as we walk to the garden..
we honor and treasue the times.. The moments we shared..
however long or short..

Digging the hole we reflect on the hard times..
The strength we gained and heart we had
to fight to the end..

Covering the pit we vow to remember..
the lessons and good times..
the smiles and the sorrows..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Find Your Strength..

Precariously teetering on a fence.. Blue night skies in my gaze..
Feeling both scared and perplexed at the same time..
How it was or should be all seem but a hazy dream..
So much i have to say, so many questions i don't know the answers to..
having protected you for so long.. and living in our relationship..
i feel that we've cut ourselves from the world..
You said once..i've learned all i can from this relationship..
it got me thinking.. what if relationships weren't about learning..
companionship.. support.. trust.. freedom of expression..

You have no idea of the strength you have inside,
i know and believe of all you are and all that you are capable of..
Find yourself and dig deep.. When things look shakey stand strong..
the toughest journeys are always the most rewarding..
Respect yourself.. don't let anyone tell you what to be or what you can't do..
Love yourself.. you deserve all the love this world has to offer..
As your friend i care so much.. though my actions may have depicted otheriwse.

I believe anything in this world is possible god willing..
with strength and perserverance..

Always in my thoughts..

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hopping between revising for my Econs paper and work is a pain.. Don't get me wrong , i Love my job to death.. but Its time like these, where i have to spend my one and only restday cramming.. Ugh.. and it can all be summed up in a *sigh*..

i needed to take my head away from the stimuli of work and tv.. thought i'd rant and air my thoughts.. maybe go into something profound by mistake.. = )

So ken's birthday is tonight.. and he's decided he wants to sing on stage.. apparently its one of his lifelong dream is to sing on stage.. and i'll be on guitar and backup vocals.. haha.. acid bar is in for a treat tonight.. cuz we've been practicing~! sounds pretty decent.. = )