Sunday, November 13, 2005

Out of pandora's box
escapes sorrow and dispair..

before hope...

where's the hope......

i turn my head for a moment..
and it all stacks up..
far be it from me to air dirty laundry..

but i've either had it.. or i'm just tired..

Reality checks are hard aren't they..?
for a brief moment glimpsing a look at urself..
just the way it is.. unshaven.. unclean...
no where to hide left or right..

mmmMmm... looks like i've done it again..
i try to be the teddy bear in all of this but..
like everyone i lose it sometimes..
not that its a bad thing.. i say what i have to say..
and if it stings.. it's probably the truth..
save the look at yourself before looking at others
for another time.. cuz i'm just airing thoughts..
i'm such a prick...

I will not stand by and watch this anymore..
i nag if i care which u apparently don't
and if u don't care about yourself our the implications on others..
don't expect me to clean up afterwards..
cuz i WILL bail.. and i won't be left picking the pieces..
slice ur wrists on ur own time.. not mine..

u... grow up... harsh..? but true..
ur not a small boy anymore.. so stop acting like one..
ugh.. sometimes i feel like my heads gonna friggin pop~!
life's not a gonna be an easy ride all ur damn life..
and honestly i'm getting weary of the antics..

Don't know why it yanks at my nerves..
how can you be so young..? Ugh..
so overly obsessed with the wrong things..
i want to i want to.. everyone else iS!~~!
i Must have it.. so naive...
there's a reson for rules..
the time WILL come.. why bother...

i need to get myself moving..
using army as an excuse to take a thinking vacation..
Things i HAVE to get done and haven't touched..
things i should have more initiative on and not doing..
just fucking shit tired...